Pale pink, peach and burgundy...

Skirts dancing in the soft spring air, cherry trees blooming, aperol spritz and everlasting sunsets...

Morning walks around  the city with the dawn-painted windows, lazy picknick under a blooming tree or a sparkling, summer fruit drink with the girls on a Saturday evening...

Rhubarb and strawberry pies, pale tulips, the first juicy black cherries...

Our list has no end when its about to describe spring and summer.

This season we transformed these feelings, moments and tastes into shiny, ethereal satin jewelries.

The 3 colors (pale pink, peach and burgundy) make a great and unique look standing alone and combined as well.

The collection got its name after a Hesperid, Aegle, the "dazzling light".

The Hesperides are nymphs in the Greek mythology, they are the guardians of the golden apples in Hera's garden.

Each of this collection is available for a 10% discount untill the end of the season!

For more info or ordering please contact us  here!

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Autumn is coming.

The seaside gets abandoned, long afternoon shadows creep to the stairs of the old house and the air gets thick from the smell of

figs and wild herbs.

The rocks are still hot, but the water gets cooler, and the seagulls are taking the summer away

bit by bit.

Bittersweet tastes keep waltzing in the soul of the visitors as they wash the sand and salt from their sunkissed body, this year for the last time.

Navy, silver,light beige and this late summer mood  inspired us to make our new collection, PSAMATHE.

Psamathe, goddess of sandy beaches, one of the 50 Nereids,sea nymphs of the Aegean see  was chosen to be the "godmother" of this collection.

Like the tide, there are thin, monochrome and also thick pieces made of 2 or 3 of the chosen colors.

Find out which one fits you best!

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