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We were always eager about doing things in the sustainable way for keeping Planet Earth at her best.

Choosing the local resources is one way to reduce our ecological footprint

(and 2 Badgers and a small One makes a lot of feet :)

Think global, act local, some says.

We started LIMITED reCORDS, an eco-friendly collection series, in which we use cotton yarns made of high-quality leftovers from several European textile manufactures.

Due to the limited material (each fabric gives only a couple balls of yarn), each year we make 4 collections. Wheather its going to be a jewelry set or a home decor piece, it all depends on the Badger-mood :)

It means every collection has only about 50 necklaces, 30 bracelets and 25-25 pairs of earrings

-pure sustainable luxury, isnt it?



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